Our Mission


Our Mission

Is to establish a partnership between Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and various partners throughout Haiti focused on sustainable water purification technologies and to start a successful, sustainable micro-business. We intend to design and deliver a solar-powered water purifier to supply thousands of gallons per day to be stored locally to supply the micro-business. We strive for locals to establish a micro-business with the solar water purifier to both provide income and maintain the system.


Every year since the 2010 earthquake, ERAU's Project Haiti has partnered with different NGOs and local Haitians to design, build and install solar-powered water purifiers throughout Haiti, primarily at orphanages and schools. In addition to installing the water purifier, ERAU students prepare and teach WASH (water and sanitation hygiene) lessons to local children and adults. To ensure the purifier's sustainability, students also set up a micro-business to sell excess clean water funding both purifier maintenance and school/orphanage operation costs.  The potential impact of each year's installation is tremendous.